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Kindergarten 'Season Tree's'

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Here is the first lesson I did with my two kindergarten classes. I had them color 4 strips of paper using the side of a blue crayon for a background. I then had them use glue sticks to glue on the trunk and branches. We had to discuss where the branches go on tress, on the top like a hand, because surprisingly many of them tried to make two arms, two legs, and a head! I used Eric Carle's 'The Tiny Seed' to discuss the colors and characteristics that are associated with each season and then finished by sponge painting the colors for each using our 4 pieces of blue sky as a guide. Overall the lesson went well, although I will say, looking back I'm not sure I'd do sponge painting as a first lesson of the year with kindergartners, boy did they make a mess!

A word...or a few

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Where to start! My last post was too long ago. I've been so busy getting acclimated to my new school that I've really haven't had time to write, but now that I feel like I've got a better hold on things I'm going to start to try and post regularly again. SO I'll start from the beginning.