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Three cheers for Op Art!

♠ Posted by ArtMuse in at 5:37 PM

These are two images of this months bulletin board I did. I love the feeling of putting up the last bulletin board of the year! (Yay June!) All joking aside though, my students loved this lesson. I had seen it on a few other art ed blogs and thought it was fantastic, the results are so sophisticated. My kids had some trouble understanding how cool the finished results would be even though I had showed them a finished example I did. I think they had trouble following how the process created the product. Next year if I teach this lesson again, I think I'll make a quick video of how I did this and show them, that way they understand the importance of taking their time when creating the highlights and shadows. I really wanted to them to understand how it was possible for them to create the illusion of depth and 3-dimensionality on a 2-D or flat surface. I remember starting off every session of this lesson by saying "alright, so tell me about Op art and what it's purpose was". By the end of the lesson, the whole class was able to recite the key points, (not to mention a few of the eye rolls I got from my students after they had been asked this question half a dozen times) lol. But anyways. Overall it's a great lesson and it gets quite a few 'wow's' from onlookers. Which in my opinion, anything that motivates students to say, "how'd you do that?" and "can we do that Ms. F?" makes me smile. :)


Hi: These Op Art pieces are absolutley amazing! Any chance you can post basic step-by-step instructions???


Were you using just coloured pencil or also marker?

Thank you!

Hi, I did this one a while ago but I believe it was marker, colored pencil and black chalk pastel to create the shadows.