Monday, October 29, 2012

3rd Grade Fall Landscapes

This is a great lesson to start the year off with.
The materials you will need include crayons, blue 12x18" paper, fall colored paints, and brushes.

First I show the students a Thomas Cole landscape painting.

Another good artist to reference for this project is Folk artist Walt Curlee. Here is a great pumpkin patch painting he created:

 I ask them how the artist shows distance in their work.  After sharing out some answers I clarify their ideas into 3 guidelines for creating distance or perspective in art: Size, Color and Detail l:
1. Objects get smaller as they recede into the distance (as they get nearer to the horizon line)
2. The color of objects become less bright the further back they go.
3. There are less details in objects the further away they get.

Using these 3 principles I demonstrate how to draw and tree and landscape including various objects such as hills, trees, scarecrows, pumpkins, corn, tractors, barns, crows, pumpkins, and anything else they can think to include.  I really emphasize the idea of curvilinear shading, or shading in the direction of the natural shape of the object.  For instance, pumpkins use curving oval lines. 

Lastly students painted leaves on their trees using red, yellow, and green paint. 

What's great about this lesson is how simple, effective, and great the results are!

Friday, October 26, 2012

1st Grade Paul Klee Mixed Media Trees

I got this lesson from Chesterbrook Academy Elementary Blog.  

It is based on the painting 'Small Rhythmic Landscape' by artist Paul Klee

I emphasized line, (wavy, squiggly, diagonal, vertical, zig-zag, and dotted), value in tempera and watercolor paint, and collage. 

At first I wasn't too pleased with the results, but after looking over everyone's once the lesson was finally done, I decided it was a keeper after all.  It was a challenging lesson with quite a few directions and steps to follow, but my first graders really rose to the challenge and created these beautiful trees. 
Here are a few finished examples:

Monday, October 15, 2012

Chagall's I and the Village 2nd Grade

The first 2nd grade project I taught this year was based on the artist Marc Chagall.  I found this lesson a few years ago off of  the Incredible Art Department.  The first time I taught it I used oil pastels exclusively but this time I had the students use oil pastels for the foreground objects and crayon for the background.  The students loved learning about Chagall and never seemed to get bored looking at his artwork. The lesson outcomes came out cute, in retrospect I would have had the students fill the page with their objects, many of them drew adorable details but they were so tiny and after using oil pastel on them, which is not the best media for details, their tiny pictures lost many of the details.
Here's the Powerpoint I used for the projects:

Here are some lesson examples:

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Amazingly Artful Mini Golf Course


I read this in last Thursdays NY Times home section.  The artist is Bruce Stillman, who made his living as a popular sculptor in the 1990's.  Over the past 20 years he has been creating one of the country's most interesting mini-golf courses called Big Stone nearby Minneapolis Minn.

The golf course takes it's inspiration from various environmental and found object artists such as Andy Goldsworthy and Robert Smithson. The golf course itself looks a bit surreal, and I thought it might make a great for some great art lessons.  Students can design their own mini-golf courses or fantasy landscapes.  The article is definitely worth checking out. 

NY Times: 'Miniature in Game Only'

A Slideshow tour of Big Stone Mini Golf Course 

Big Stone Mini Golf Course

Friday, October 5, 2012

Art Education IPAD Apps

According to some research I've been doing, the itunes app store has over 63,000 downloadable apps...and although they are not all art related, with so many choices, fishing for not just art apps, but quality educational ones can be an impossible task.  So instead of spending your summers 'fishing' here's a few apps to get you started:

Here's a list of art education apps I've gotten from IEAR, I.e.a.r. is short for i-education apps review: a website dedicated to using apps in an educational way. I've also posted some from The Teaching Palette (her blog: ) All the apps listed art education related, so if you have the chance check them out, and even better than that, if you have access to ipads for your classroom, have your students check them out!
If you follow the link you will come to the site which has a full description for each app.  Some entries even have video or website links for that gives ideas or examples of their uses in classrooms.

1. 'Faces iMake' by iMagination Machine Llc. 
2. 'Draw' for ipad 
3. ipad 'Garageband'
4. 'Tortoise and the Hare Puppet Show presented by Puppet Art Theater Co.' 
5. 'Color Mix'
6. 'Color Mix for Kids HD'
8. 'Accudraw'
9.  'KidsOrigami'
10. 'Sketchn Guess Lite'
11. 'Fotobabble'
12.  'Art & Music'
14. 'SmartHistory'
15. 'French Impressionism'
16. 'Art Puzzle Lite'
17. 'Art Start'
18. 'Love Art' from the National Gallery of London
19. 'Brushes'
20. 'TypeDrawing'
21. 'Tanzen' (tannagrams)
22. 'Art' Lite version
23. 'Art2Go'
24. 'Color Splash'
25. 'Animoto'
26. ' FlipBook' Lite version
27. 'PixPop Art'
28. '3D Gallery'
29. 'Comic Touch' Lite version
30. 'Life Strips'
31. 'Light Painting'
32. 'Open Culture'
33. 'AP Mobile'
34. 'Jazz Sculptor'
35. 'SculptMaster 3D'
36. 'Architect Envi Deluxe'
37. 'Color Sudoku'
38. 'Eye Tricks'
39. 'Color Wheel'
40. 'Brooklyn Museum'
41. 'Symmetry'
42. 'MovieMaker'
43. 'Pottery Wheel'
44. 'Artist's Touch'
45. 'Google Earth'
46. 'Gallery of Painters'
47. 'Juxtaposer' Lite version
48. 'Sketchbook Express' by autobook
49. '123D Sculpt'
50. 'PotteryHD'
51. 'Flashcards' by Jeffrey Holiday
52. 'Artcapture' by Collectrium
53. 'Color Uncovered' by Exploratorium

Here is a picture of a few more drawing and painting apps: