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Thought I'd

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Hi everyone,

I came across this site through a co-worker who has a girlfriend trying to start up a bathing suit company.

So what does this have to do with art you ask?

Well, while I was checking out the link that was shared with me, I came across a variety of projects based on art.    The site is called 'kickstarter' and basically is an online forum where people starting up their own companies (or in the case of art, trying to fund their own projects) can post a video and information about their plans and can receive donations to fund it. Many of the art projects I came across were really quite amazing and inspiring and it was amazing to see the ingenuity and collaboration between artists and their great ideas.  Thought I'd share with all of you...It may be something you yourself are interested in doing, would like to contribute to, or would just like to check out.  If you're a collage high school level educator maybe it could be something you have your students do as a year long community type project....Just throwing it out there.

Slice of Your Life-Inspirational Video

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I'm thinking of doing a 1 day mini project with my kids based on this video.  The message behind it is SO important and it's something I try to instill in my students on a daily basis.  Check it out, you'll love it!