Saturday, December 29, 2012

Some ipad apps tried and tested


Over the winter break I took home an iPad from school to fish around for some potential uses in the art room.  The last time I did this was a  year ago and I had NO idea what I was doing or how to even use an iPad.  This time around after taking 2 courses I'm much more adept at navigating the dizzying maze of apps available and after researching the web for the most highly rated art education apps and talking to a few fellow teachers, I  compiled a list of about 35 apps some good some not so good.  I specifically looked for things that were education based and not really simple game or drawing programs.  The way I figure it, if it's a pastel, paint, crayon/marker or watercolor 'drawing' app it's not the most useful considering the kids have the real thing at their disposal!

I made the chart like this: Anything in red I didn't care for.  Anything in green I liked and would consider using in the art room. Anything in black I have not tried yet because there wasn't a free download available.
The genre category has the genre that the app was listed under from the app store (education, utilities, reference, etc) and after that I wrote the category I would consider it for use in my art room (art reference, E elements and principles, sculpture etc.)  I plan on purchasing a few and trying them out so when I do I'll post my reviews of the as yet untested apps I listed.

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Rina said...

Thanks so much for posting all your iPad app data. I really appreciate the time you took to make up the grid.

We have access to iPads, and I am trying to find good apps as well. I have done two photography lesson plans just using the iPad camera. We learned how to crop and rotate. For one lesson we used the pic collage app to arrange the photos.

I just did a lesson using the My Flake app (all three are on my blog).

What do you think of the Vegetable Me app? I think it would be perfect for lesson based on Arcimboldo.

Rina at