Saturday, November 2, 2013

Roll a Monster-A Halloween Activity

Three of my classes had finished their projects early and had a little extra time.  Being that it was Halloween, I thought it would be nice to do something easy and fun.  I used the template above that I had found online and borrowed some dice from our schools math teacher.  The kids really liked the activity, but I noticed, as they played that the heads of the monsters were drawn on roll 4, which was silly because the eyes, and mouths were supposed to be drawn on the rolls before.  If I do this activity again, I'll probably make my own handout, but nonetheless, it was a cute 15 minute time filler for Halloween.


Mrs. C said...

My students love these sheets! I leave the dice part off and let them pick their parts. I laminate the sheets and put them in our activity center for the kids to use if/when they have time after a project.(I do have dice for the older kids(3-5) and let them choose if they want to roll dice or pick, K-2 I just have pick their parts)

ArtMuse said...

That's a good idea...I'm going to get a few different ones and incorporate them into a center activity. Thanks for sharing!