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5th Grade Giacometti Sculptures

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This project was done by my fab leave replacement.  I'm always searching for ways to incorporate more sculpture into my curriculum.  I feel like it's very easy to get caught up teaching 2D work to the detriment of 3D work, so I was really glad she was starting off my fifth graders year with this project.

The sculptures are based on Swiss artist Alberto Giacometti: 

"All the art of the past rises up before me, the art of all ages and all civilizations, everything becomes simultaneous, as if space had replaced time. Memories of works of art blend with affective memories, with my work, with my whole life." 

 More information can be found: Giacometti at ArtStory

 The sculptures were done using cardboard bases, thin armature wire (I like it to be thin enough that the students can cut it with scissors and not pliers), paper towels, mache mix, and black, brown, and metallic paints. The project took about 6, 40-minute periods.  

FYI, I stumbled across the site mentioned above while researching a bit on Giacometti The sites mission is to explore art in "a fresh and clear way".  Hmm, it may make for a good resource!
Another great site is the Giacometti Foundation