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Musings about the importance of art and art education

My second first day of school

♠ Posted by ArtMuse at 1:26 PM
My second first day of school:

6:00Am Get Up

7:00 Leave for work

7:45 Got to work (needed to be there at 8:15) BUT figured getting there early would allow me to wander the halls, find the important places (a.k.a. bathrooms, cafeteria, faculty lounge) and would give me some time to get to know the classroom I was going to spend the next seven hours in.

7:46 Sat in main office, having discovered that the teacher I was supposed to sub for was there and that a mistake had been made in the online 'sub system' (they don't call it sub for nothing)

8:15 Still sitting in the main office, wishing I hadn't even gotten out of bed this morning.

8: 30 Finally, got a spot in a kindergarten self-contained '8-2-1 room as a TEACHING ASSISTANT because low and behold there were no teaching positions that day.

8:31 Sitting at a table with four other kindergartners playing with connecting cubes.

9:30 Still sitting at a table with four kindergartners playing with connecting cubes wishing the teacher would do something already.

9:31 Snack

9:43 Still eating snack, wishing I had actually brought snack with me to school.

9:45 In music, sitting in a circle with 12 kindergartners and two other t.a.'s

10:30 Still sitting in music, now singing the star spangled banner, with 12 kindergartners, 2 t.a.'s, and a music teacher. Wishing I had a better singing voice

10:35 Infected sty on the eye of a poor kindergartner explodes when he rubs it with his hand

10:36 Puss erupts

10:37 In nurses office sitting with him because for some mysterious reason the NURSE doesn't want to be left alone in her office

11:00 Still sitting in nurses office next to boy with puss infected and contagious eye sty

11:20 Still sitting in office with boy who is now fast asleep really wishing I had never gotten out of bed this morning

11;30 Get a call from the main office that I have to go and sub in the afternoon at a different school, one that I can't sub in because it lets me out at 3:40 and I have a job an hour away that starts at 4:00

11:40 I leave the school and head to the other school

11:50 Get lost, wishing I had packed lunch for myself instead of relying on cafeteria food, with no cafeteria around at the moment.

12:35 Find second school

12:40 Find out I'm subbing for gym Wishing someone would just shoot me

2:20 Playing duck duck goose with kindergartners

2:25 Playing kick ball with 5th graders, wishing I hadn't worn high heels.

3:45 Leave

4:20 show up at work (late)

4:21 Get lectured about making late phone calls

8:00 Leave work (again)

8:40 Get home wishing, hoping, and praying that my second second day will be better.