Musings about the importance and impact of art and art education in the 21st century.

Musings about the importance of art and art education

Ending on a High Note

♠ Posted by ArtMuse at 3:52 PM

Quite a few good things happened this week that were pleasant. The first being, that after going through their safe, my parents came across a few family heirlooms, one of them being my grandmothers wedding band. It's a semi-thick band, for an everyday ring, but it has the prettiest delicate scroll work with the most petite diamonds set into the pattern. After examining it, and remarking how small the size was, I was pleasantly surprised that it actually fit on my ring finger. My grandmother passed away when I was 2 from breast cancer. My mother was only 26, a year younger than I am now. and being that my mother is anything but the sentimental type, she never really talks about her. The only things I have from her are a hand painted porcelain sculpture of a horse and chariot, with gold leafing, and a china set

In addition to this, which was really the highlight of the week. I subbed twice, both only half days, but both classes were good, I had no problems with either of them, and so far, without jinxing myself, the time seems to be going a little faster during the day now that I'm getting more comfortable with my situation.

At my art teaching job, I decided to re-start a tradition that I was part of when I student taught, which is called 'ghosting' (or booing, or phantoming). It's a cute, I guess you'd call it 'game'. Where you buy a little gift bag, fill it with Halloween themed candy. I used a bag of chocolate eyeballs, a giant jawbreaker size popcorn ball, some M&M's, and a lollipop. You place the Halloween peom in the gift bag, expalining the directions for what to do, and the intentions of the person giving the gift bag, and a photo copy of a ghost for the person to display on their door, so everyone knows they've been 'Boo'd. It's a simple and cute idea, the two people who got the gift bag have to turn around the give two other people a gift bag. So on and so forth, until everyone has a ghost posted on their door. I love Halloween and it's a great way to spread a little inter-classroom cheer. We'll see, I hope they dig it, and I want my bag of candy too!

Last but not least, I tried some melted crayon wax techniques and some tempera batik ideas for potential use in future art lessons and they were both successful! I love it when that happens! Today, i decided to use some of those old nasty crayons to make new ones, and it was very cool . It's super easy.

I hope this week will be as good as last one.