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Musings about the importance of art and art education

The art of...Glamour?

♠ Posted by ArtMuse at 8:31 PM
I love love love Marilyn Minter. Not necessarily her older works, but her recent ones. Something about the sequined sheen of a model distorted face seems oddly appealing to me (and may I add many others, point in case the Whitney Biennial 2006). Anytime I can catch a glimpse of her work it puts a smile across my face and to my delight, the other day I came across the April issue of Glamour magazine, where, to celebrate 70 years in print they ran a 'Glamour' series, where 10 of the top female contemporary artists comment on what they think glamour means to them. Accompanying the article, or perhaps the other way around, there is an exhibit entitle 'The Glamour' ( I suppose the 'the' makes it sound more official) at Lehmann Maupin Gallery NYC showing the actual works that were photographed in the article. Some of the artists featured are
1. Marilyn Minter
2. Tracey Emin (whose work I just recently saw at the Brooklyn Museum)
3. Nina Chanel Abney
4. Sarah Charlesworth
5. Mickalene Thomas (whose work.....see above)
6. Laurie Simmons
7. Rachel Feinstein
8. Laura Simpson
9. Rita Ackermann
10. Kara Walker (whose work...see above above)

Coincidentally, I go to the Brooklyn museum and see the feminist art, then read a Judy Chicago book where there is signifigant commentary on the topc of feminist art. Then I get this magazine where they have women discuss art, 3 of which are featured in the museum, and then they are also at a gallery not far from me. It's like 6 degrees of seperation only with feminist art.

By the by, the best explanation/interpretation of 'glamour' in my opinion, was by Minter, who responded to the question by saying "My definition of the word glamour? Anything that inspires fascination."

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