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Aboriginal Art-Warm Colored Dot & Symbol Paintings-Kindergarten

♠ Posted by ArtMuse in at 3:08 PM

In an attempt (notice how I saw attempt) to have kindergarten create something fall/November themed, using warm colors, and integrating their '7-Continents' Social Studies Unit. I found an image of these aboriginal inspired dot paintings while searching google. The 'attempting' part, wasn't that I didn't get the lesson right, it was just that between everything that goes on I ended up finishing them this week. I suppose a week or so after November isn't so bad.

To begin with I showed them a book about Australia and Aborigines. We discussed dessert climates and what colors go with them. We then segued into 'warm' colors and I made a chart to show them which colors they were for reference. I had them work with a partner to trace and then cut their hands, showing them (repeatedly) how to handle and cut scissors. I can't tell you how many times I said "Don't get out of your seats with the scissors!!" :) Some were able to cut out their hands really well and others struggled. After they glued it on their paper (Thumbs facing one another. I had them make paint dots with Q-tips around the boarder. The second to last day we practiced creating 'dot' symbols, I did the swirl and and arrow on an erasable whiteboard. When I saw they got a feel for it. I had them go back and paint them in using white paint. They also had to do their initials in dots on their hands. Here's some finished examples.

Here's the site I got the original art idea from: It was originally taught by Mr. Webb (credit to him) but did it for 2nd grade.


Great work and especially dot works is looking too beautiful. Australian aboriginal artists can speak with the spirit world through their art and aboriginal paintings.

Yeah, you real did great work on Aboriginal Art painting. It is the best way to display Aboriginal cultural art. Please update some more creative images!!