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Musings about the importance of art and art education

4th Grade Peter Max Inspired Statue of Liberty Heads

♠ Posted by ArtMuse in at 10:20 AM

Originally adapted from the incredible art department website, (of course) this lesson ties into part of the fourth grade social studies curriculum. I also was able to tie this into the NYS ELA standards, using the book 'Liberty Rising' by Pegi Deitz Shea. This book has a lot of good factual information coupled with great illustrations. My classes and I started by making a KWL chart (things we knew, wanted to know, and then finally, learned) and reviewing as a class what we knew about the Statue of Liberty. I then explained the steps in the lesson for them. The lesson ended up breaking down like this:
Day 1- KWL chart, lesson introduction, demonstration of how to draw out a 2" border around their paper (I used a 13"x16 white paper for the project).
Day 2-Demonstration how to paint a Peter Max style background on the inside of their measured out 'frame'
Day 3-Introduction to Pop art and Peter Max (used a video from his website and a PowerPoint presentation. Also began reading the book Liberty Rising and we added to our chart.
Day 4-5-Demonstration of how to create a 'stars and stripes' themed border design on frame.
Day 6- Finished reading Liberty Rising, added to chart, and begin showing the kids using guided practice how to draw Liberty's face.
Day 7- Drawing the face, finishing up work, adding details.
Day 8-Class critique and finishing of KWL chart.

It was a long lesson, but I absolutely loved the results!!