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Musings about the importance of art and art education

Crafts-The Summer in Review

♠ Posted by ArtMuse at 9:18 AM
Not exactly the whole summer, really just 5 weeks of it. Teaching crafts was a lot of fun this summer, I had about 30 students in total which split between 3 classes was a nice amount to have. The students were so great too, they were cheerful, friendly, relaxed, and really seemed to enjoy the class. I managed to get in about 6 projects. We did flying pigs (thank you Phyllis: ), wall hangings, recycled magazine 'reed' pencil holders, decoupage boxes, craft stick baskets, and personal stationary. Here are some pics of the finished work.


Thanks for the credit, but I don't think I posted flying pigs - that's my plan for NEXT year! I do a lot of papier-mache but I think this time the credit may be due to someone else...

Now - about those recycled paper pencil holders - can you give specifics about your instructions? I'm sure it's simple, but I'd like to know the steps you took with the kids. The kids must have loved them!

Hiya Phyl, thanks for the comment, I subscribe to so many art ed blogs, I most likely mixed up who did what where. The rolled magazine reeds are super easy to make. You need to rip magazine pages in half width-wise and you can either use a stylus, thin paintbrush handle, or even a pencil or straw (which will give you a larger sized read) In the book I got the idea from the author used bamboo but I didn't have that. All the kids need to do is put a tiny drop of glue or gluestick on the outer corner, and roll diagonally from corner to corner of the magazine page. The glue dot helps keep the reed formed as you roll. When you get to the outer corner you put another drop of glue on the inside so it sticks, hold it for ten seconds and you're done. Remember to gradually move the pencil or stylus out as you roll so it doesn't get completely covered by the magazine page (otherwise you'll never get it out). Cut the reeds to the size of the can and glue them on with tacky glue. Hope that helps!