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Musings about the importance of art and art education

Milton Avery at the Nassau County Museum of Art

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Milton Avery was a painter who created work from the 1920's until the early 1960's. His work is not entirely considered mondernist in style but acts as a sort of intermediary between modernsim and abstract expressionism. Avery's aim to reduce the picture plane to solid forms of color while still retaining the represented objects volume and perspective influenced future artists Mark Rothko and Adolph Gottlieb and colorfeild painting.

The museum had a pretty nice selection of Avery's work, with paintings and sketches taking up 4 rooms in the museum. Here's a few pictures I snapped of works that I particularly liked:


Thanks for posting this. I absolutely adore Milton Avery and have a large print of "Two Greenwich Villagers" hanging in my house. I'll have to check this out when I'm down your way.

My pleasure. Prior to this I had never heard of Avery, and I'm glad I learned about him.