Musings about the importance and impact of art and art education in the 21st century.

Musings about the importance of art and art education

Art Byte-Pinterest

♠ Posted by ArtMuse in , at 2:58 PM

Here's a cute site I got off the Getty Listserv, it's called 'Pinterest', yes, like interest with a P. :)

Basically its an online idea board, you drag and drop images you find onto it and create little captions about it with the link the original image came from. I saw a great pinterest on art education ideas. As a matter of fact, many of the ideas 'pinned' came from some of the great blogs that we all read and love! Its a great tool to use if, like me you use blogs, or the internet in general, to help get ideas and inspiration for art lessons. Usually, I copy and past the images I like into a word doc and write a brief description to go with it, but my elementary lesson index folder on my compute r has something like 2000 lessons and its getting a bit tedious to fish through them when I'm trying to find lessons...I"m thinking this would be a great alternative to that. You can also link to other pins and share/swap ideas. It would also be great to use with students! OK, before I risk sounding like the people who run the site paid my to write this post, I'll stop. But it is a cute idea.

Here's a great left brain right brain illustration I got off someones pin:

And here's a great art lesson idea I got off the same pin board:
Romero Britto Pyramids ( I think this was originally taken from


THank you. I am going to sign up for that! I belong to flickr, but this looks like a fun site.

What's your Pintrest screen name? I'm spbivona
: ) Susan