Musings about the importance and impact of art and art education in the 21st century.

Musings about the importance of art and art education

1st Project of the Year done!...Finally!

♠ Posted by ArtMuse in at 6:52 PM

All my projects seem like they take forever. Between my 6-day cycle, days off, holidays, sick days, personal days, assemblies.....I'm sure I'm preaching to the art teaching choir out there, but nonetheless it's the week before November and I finally finished my first project of the year.

Kindergartners made collage elephants based on the book 'Elmer' by David McKee. The thing I love most about the lesson is the way each elephant has so much personality. I had my kinders do a guided drawing with me of an elephant so each drawing is totally unique to each student. Considering this was their first art project in kindergarten and half of them can't write their name or write it upside down and backwards (or some variation of the former), they did really well creating their art.

Overall, the lesson as a whole went pretty well, I would have liked to add some sort of decorative frame or background drawing on it just to make it look more 'finished' but I'm pressed for time in putting up the main hallway bulletin board so a construction paper color mounting will have to do.

Yes, some of the elephants look like armadillos, and some look like anteaters, but there so damn cute who cares?