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Musings about the importance of art and art education

3rd grade Louise Nevelson inspired sculpture

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Louise Nevelson
From the art story website:

Louise Nevelson became renowned during the Abstract Expressionist period for constructing crated assemblages full of wooden items grouped together into monochromatically painted cubic structures. Her aim to reinvigorate found objects with a spiritual life was informed by feminist ideals and Nevelson's strong persona, which inspired multitudinous female artists associated with the women's movement. Influenced by Duchamp's found object sculptures, Nevelson sought to build abstract wooden environments, painted gold, black, or white, that obscured original content to historicize debris with a second, more mysterious narrative life. The narratives in her artwork originated from her personal migration history as a Jewish woman who relocated to America, and from her active life in New York's artistic community.

 3rd graders discussed symmetry and balance while using wooden pieces to create an assemblage that was mounted on cardboard squares.  It amazes me the amount of variety the students came up with even though everyone used the same wood pieces.  The part-time art teacher at my school did this lesson.  In the spirit of Nevelson's use of monochromatic color to help focus the emphasis on shape and shadow, she had the students paint the sculptures in either black or white and finish with a coat of Elmer's glue for shine. I taught this lesson with a small self-contained class of 6 and we finished ours in color sans the glue. Here are a few pictures:

FYI  below is a great site that I found while searching for a short blurb about Nevelson to include in the post. 
The Art Story