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It's the 20 day countdown!-Try some vegetables

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It's the 20 day countdown till the end of the school year and I'm trying to figure out what I've posted this year and what I haven't.  It's amazing when we step back and think about all the things we do not just inside our classroom but within our schools as well.  Between the committee's, extra-curricular's, clubs and collaborations sometimes I can't keep track of everything I've done!

Today I stumbled across an interesting article in the Times about vegetables and art.  I found the photographs particularly interesting and thought I'd share.

Lynn Karlin | Raw Art: The Pedestal Series
The  artist is Lynn Karlin, a veteran photographer with some 40 odd years of experience.  She was the first female staff photographer for Women's Wear Daily and has worked for HG and Garden Design magazines.  She has had a longtime affinity with gardening and nature and her love of all things natural is evident in her photographic images of plants and vegetables photographed into simple compositions of line, shape, color, and form.  They appear incredibly striking and almost abstract on simple pedestals which reflect their overall appearance and black backgrounds which contrast against the vivid colors seen in the vegetation.  There is something really simple, graceful and beautiful about these photographs to me...and .I think it'd be a great tie in with something Arcimboldo-esqu.  Plus, it's good for students to see that any subject matter can become art with some technique, a discerning eye, and creativity.


The link to the article in the NY Times can be found HeRe

The gallery: Gallery on the Green where you can see Lynn Karlin's 'Raw Art' can be found HeRe

 Lynn Karlin's site can be found HeRe