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Gearing up for summer school-Quick and easy diy sketchbooks

♠ Posted by ArtMuse in at 7:57 AM
This year I'm teaching 2 different classes, a sketching and painting class and my usual crafts class.  In preparation for them I came across a very cute tutorial on how to create a sketch book using duct tape.  I'm teaching middle school children so I don't want anything overwhelmingly challenging and this sketchbook video is a perfect way to hand-make your own sketchbook.  I think it will make the perfect companion for preliminary painting sketches and studies.

                     'Quick & Easy Hardback Sketchbooks'

·        Cardboard, Matboard, or shirt box cardboard cut into 2 8 ½ x 6” pieces
·         Duct Tape(OPT: Can use colored duck tape)
·         Scissors
·         6 sheets of white printer paper. 
·         Stapler
·         Eraser
·         Metal  or wood ruler
o   Lay the cardboard covers on the sticky side of the tape leaving a gap between the pieces.  Place a piece of duct tape over it and really press it down creating a crease where the gap was.
o   Fold printer paper in half and lay it open with the center fold lined up with the crease. Turn book over so tape side is up and staple.
o   To staple, place rubber eraser under the book and opening the stapler, staple through book into rubber eraser. Use ruler to fold down opened staples.