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My ''Welcome Back' Bulletin Board-Suess Style!

♠ Posted by ArtMuse in ,, at 2:24 PM

Every year I do a 'welcome back' bulletin board in the main hallway of my school and every year by the second week the bottom half of the board is ripped to shreds by tiny hands can't help but touch, pull, twist, rub, and outright tear the paper as they pass by.  PLUS, it doesn't help matters that the first and second graders line up in front of the bulletin board in the mornings and after lunch.  SO, this year I decided instead of killing myself making cut-outs only to have them torn down, I would paint right on the backing itself.  


I drew, painted, and laminated the Dr. Seuss figures and stapled them on but the hills and letters I just painted directly onto the background paper.  It's the end of week 2 of school and no rips, tears, shreds or missing pieces...Looks like I'll be painting mini-bulletin board murals from now on!

I just had to add this one last thing... :) 


Your display looks great! For many years now I have been using laminating film to cover my front hallway bulletin board displays so that the little fingers can't pick at the art work/bulletin board displays at bus time. The ladies in the office save the "oops! I thought I turned off the laminater!" pieces for me.(believe it or not, people actually forget to turn it off and it just runs and runs in the work room until someone finds it!) I will also run off long bulletin board size pieces if I need to replace it and there are no "oops" available. It works great!

Thanks for the tip! I'll have to try it!

I'm enjoying exploring your blog immensely, you have some great ideas here! (And I love the Dr Seuss quotes :))