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5th Grade Aztec Warriors

♠ Posted by ArtMuse in at 4:24 PM

Thank you Deep Space Sparkle for sharing this great lesson plan based on Aztec warriors.

  I LOVE Pre-Columbian art and my students had a great time making their colorful figures.

I showed my kids 2 or 3 slides per session about the life, culture, and artwork of the Aztecs.  I demonstrated how to draw a 'cartoon' version of the warriors and gave out a 9 page packet of different Aztec design motifs I bought from Dover publications to help give them some ideas for patterns to fill their warriors with. 

Each student had to have a warrior that contained a headdress, shoes, top and bottom clothing, and had the choice of incorporating one or more of the following: spear, shield, dagger, cloak, and any other accessories they wanted to include.

The link to Deep Space Sparkle's original post of this lesson can be found here

'The Aztec Pantheon and the Art of Empire' Getty Art Exhibit that the article was based  on can be found here