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Romero Britto 5th grade

♠ Posted by ArtMuse in at 4:22 PM
Here are a few images from my fifth graders newly completed Romero Britto inspired project.

The whole project took about 5 to 6 classes. We began by viewing and discussing some Britto artworks  and the artist's life using PowerPoint.    I then gave the kids a packet of Britto artworks to use as reference and gave them the option of using the same subject matter or choosing their own animal to use.  Students make a couple of practice sketches on printer paper, then chose their favorite one, transferring it to 16x20" paper in pencil. 

 I then gave each table a plate with 5 different colored paint cups on it, each paint color had it's own paintbrush so students would have to constantly wash and clean their brushes.  The painting took 2 1/2 (40 minute) class periods and each period I would give them some different colors.  I gave the kids the option of leaving some white spaces but most students didn't.

 After painting the colors, I had them outline all their shapes with thick black lines.  On the last day I gave out Mr. Sketch markers and had them add patterns to a few of their shapes.  Some students who were fast painters added painted patterns, but for finer designs the Mr. Sketch were much easier to use than paintbrushes.