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1st Grade Robots

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This lesson was taken from Deep Space Sparkle. Click HeRe to see her original project.
I LOVE this project.  I used 11x15" pieces of cardboard and when I ran out of that I used oak tag.  The cardboard works a little better as a backing but the oak tag is passable in a pinch.
On day 1 the kids did the background:  For it we used two primary colors and then cups dipped in white paint to create circular shaped stamps.
On day 2  For inspirationa and ideas for the children, I used painter and illustrator Eric Joyner, his robot and doughnut paintings are fabulous and really got the kids attention. After looking at a few of his paintings,  I put out up a bunch of boxes and cereal box pieces I had previously cut, and let the kids go to town.

On Day 3   I passed out Sax brand metallic paints in copper, silver, gold and brass and they painted their robots.  In some instances, the students were able to assemble, glue, and paint their robots in one period.

On the last day I gave out a bowl of tin foil pieces, buttons, google eyes, pipe cleaner pieces (from another lesson), foam shapes, and Sharpies and they added details to their robots.
Too cute!!