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Fabulous Lil' Froggies

♠ Posted by ArtMuse at 7:34 PM
My second graders just wrapped up their clay frog project. not one of my favorites, I'll admit....Some frogs ended up looking a little road-kill-ish, all bumpy and squished and such.  There were also quite a few that had excessively long legs and arms which were consequently, broken at some point during the drying/firing/glazing/firing process.  There were enough lost limbs that I couldn't quite keep track! (eek) Thankfully though, the kiddies didn't seem to mind their humorous and somewhat abstract froggies and their excitement stayed pretty consistent despite some setbacks.  Here are a few of the more recognizable ones..

 For the glaze I used Mayco Stroke and Coat in Cottontail (white) and Amaco Lead Free "CTL" or Crystaltex glazes in Fantasia (green), Peacock eyes (white with blue speckles), firecracker (red), and Amaco 'AA-24: Exotic Blue" which by the way, looks much more multi-dimensional in the picture than on the clay. All glaze fired on cone 06 (fast)