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We Get the Joke-2nd Grade Classroom Mini Collaboration

♠ Posted by ArtMuse in at 2:12 PM

I love the opportunity to collaborate. It doesn't happen as often as I'd like unfortunately, but it's always fun when I get the chance to work with some classroom teachers. What you're looking at is A second-grade bulletin board. I didn't work with this particular teacher but worked with another one to create the same idea. I spent one period with her class helping them to draw out the sketches for their jokes. We both agreed that having some photo reference would be super helpful for the kids, so she was nice enough to search and print out one or two pictures to go along with the jokes that each student had. The kids used 14 x 18 or so sized paper and crayons to color their work. They began by using pencil and then outlining their drawings and sharpie, erased whatever pencil showed underneath. For coloring, I emphasized overlap in different colors, using dark outlines,even pressure when coloring, and coloring in one direction. I always try to emphasize the use of details in artwork, which helps make the pictures better. The kids finished coloring their drawings in their classroom and then the classroom teacher posted this board. I love the attention to detail in it, and the way she even color mounted the jokes themselves. Even the font on the banner works really well with the whole theme. I don't often see classroom bulletin boards that I like as much as this one. I'm glad I had a small part in it!