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Finally, some completed lessons!-First Frank Stella...

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Here's the first:

2nd graders studied the art of Frank Stella, specifically, his protractor series. Students used protractors to create an overlapping collage (6 or more) and they could only place the protractor horizontally vertically. After that, they chose a 6 color scheme, in which no two colors could touch. I told them they had to become 'shape detectives' making sure that they found all the new shapes that had been created by the overlapping lines.
The concepts in the lesson were:

-Frank Stella
-Art does not always have to be recognizable objects, sometimes art can be about lines, shapes, and colors.
-Horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines
-Color Scheme

This was a pretty intense lesson for them, with a lot of focus required to get all the coloring done neatly, but they did fantastic!!!!


looks just like this project!