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Musings about the importance of art and art education

Centers...Take three

♠ Posted by ArtMuse in at 4:56 PM
Today was the first day I integrated centers into the classroom. I used the 3 centers I made for a second grade and fifth grade class. Each of which with very different results. The three centers I introduced were titled:

The Creation Station- Model magic (white) with these colored toothpick like sticks I had in my storage closet.
The Scrap Paper Creation Station- Scraps of construction and textured papers, glue, and scissors.
The Who What Where Game- Laminated strips of pink, green, and yellow sentence chunks that each had a who, what, or where statement that the students would combine, write, and then draw on white drawing paper.

Now let me preface this before I keep going. I had a very strong suspicion that Who What Where game would not go over too well with the 5th grade before I tried it, but I figured I'd would see how the response was nevertheless...

The second graders loved it! I had the students rotate between 2 of the three centers at 15 minute intervals, which worked out well because it left students with 1 center that they hadn't done for next time. I encouraged them to take their time and leave their work for the next time so they could keep developing it. The did a beautiful job, transitioned between centers well, and really positively responded to having the freedom to work on their own ideas for a bit. The creation station I structured a little differently, having students work in pairs to create a 3D form, which at the end of their time at that center, they would have to disassemble. At the suggestion of another teacher, I gave the students the opportunity to photograph their 3D creation so as to be able to print it and have them keep that as a copy of their work.

The fifth grade class I tried the centers out on went all wrong. They were disorganized, and everyone rushed to the 3D station, no one wanted to go near the scrap paper station and when I gave them the chance to try out the sentence game everyone ended up just 'free-drawing' with the boys trying to sneak draw pictures of guns, and inappropriate school pictures. I'm definitely going to have to go back to the proverbial drawing board with my upper grade center ideas. Oy, I can't stand it when things don't go well!


I'm trying centers next week for the first time. I have 5 planned. It should be interesting. With only 2 days of school and 6 classes in 4 different grades, it will be a good way to see if it works for future reference.

Sounds good, I'm curious to know how it goes! Good luck with it and have fun :)