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Musings about the importance of art and art education

Artist Reference: Guido Daniele

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Hooray for Scholastic (and a double hooray for my school librarian-who is the best!) On long weekends I usually stop in the library to pick up a copy or two of 'Arts & Activities' or 'School Arts' magazine to read when I have time. Last weekend our librarian handed me the teachers copy of Scholastic arts and on the front inside cover they had a small story on artist Guido Daniele's 'handimals'. Immediately interested in these intriguing images (I love onomatopoeia) I checked out his website and lo and behold I had known about his artwork since last summer when I was in Kennedy airport waiting for my flight and snapped some pictures of what I thought was an unusually interesting AT & T phone ad. As it turns out, those ads were Daniele's work!

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I think I am going to use him as an artist of the month one of these months. I think the kids would love it!