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4th Grade Tiffany Inspired lamps

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As part of our contract, teachers in my district get 1 full day each year to spend observing another teacher either in or out of district.  Last year I had taken a half day to visit a veteran teacher with over 20 years of experience who had been the previous art teacher in what is now my room before I came on board.  She is still teaching, but at a different school within the district.  This lesson was one I noticed she had done with her 4th or 5th graders and was displayed in the halls. I instantly fell in love with it, and I'm pretty sure you will too!

I began by showing a PowerPoint on Tiffany and a brief history of glass and its uses in Ancient Rome and during Medieval times.  After that I did a demonstration on how to fold and cut a piece of newsprint to create a symmetrically shapes 'lampshade'.  Students had the option of drawing a symmetrical or asymmetrical design, and then they used clear acetate and Sharpies to trace and then color their lamps.
When completed, we cut the shades out, backed them with tinfoil, and then made symmetrical bases out of colored construction paper.  As part of learning about glass as an artistic medium I showed students a video from YouTube on glass blowing and we discussed the difference between translucent and opaque. Students had a great time with this lesson and some even constructed bases that could stand up using poster board.

I'll have more pictures and a bulletin board of these posted soon!


haven't seen this before - i like it!

Cool use of the material. I just posted last week some dragons my 3rd graders made using the same stuff- clear acetate with Sharpies & foil. I originally go the idea from another blogger who made fish that way. But the Tiffany lamp idea is a perfect use of the material!!

How did you back the acetate to the foil? Did you glue it or tape it? Did you paste them together sharpie side up or down? Please let me know. Thanks! Great idea!