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Summer Enrichment Painting and Sketching Project 1

♠ Posted by ArtMuse at 5:01 PM
Here are the brief lesson plans I wrote for my first projects in the painting and sketching class I'm teaching this summer. 

Day 1: Duct Tape sketch book
'Quick and easy hardback sketchbooks'-

·         Cardboard, Matboard, or shirt box cardboard cut into 2 8 ½ x 6” pieces
·         Duct Tape(OPT: Can use colored duck tape)
·         Scissors
·         6 sheets of white printer paper. 
·         Stapler
·         Eraser
·         Metal  or wood ruler
o   Lay the cardboard covers on the sticky side of the tape leaving a gap between the pieces.  Place a piece of duct tape over it and really press it down creating a crease where the gap was.
o   Fold printer paper in half and lay it open with the center fold lined up with the crease. Turn book over so tape side is up and staple.
o   To staple, place rubber eraser under the book and opening the stapler, staple through book into rubber eraser. Use ruler to fold down opened staples.
*** If you use a regular cardboard you can fold 8 pieces of printer paper for the book. 

Day 2-4: Project 1-Line, Shape, and Value  
Using line, shapes, and color along with observational drawing to as an introduction to painting and value.
·         String, wire, or shoelaces.   
·         12x18” or larger white paper
·         Sketchbooks
·         Pencils/Erasers
·         Canvas
·         Palettes or paper plates
·         Black and white acrylic paint
·         Water containers
·         Brushes
·         Paper towels
·         OPT: various colored paints
o   Begin by doing 2 or 3 sketches of lines using the shoelaces/string/wire.
o   Do 1 or 2 sketches turning the string into something keep it loose and abstract.
o   Play around with the string to find a composition you like and draw the composition onto canvas lightly with pencil.  Feel free to alter the lines into objects or shapes, or keep them as is based on what you like.
o   Demo how to create value using black and white paint.  In sketchbook create  a 6 box value scale in pencil and have students practice mixing black and white going from pure white to pure black.
o   Paint composition using only black and white values.  Make sure no 2 of the same values touch.  Emphasize that students may need to repaint over areas when they are dry and that that is no big deal. 
o   OPT: At end have students chose 1 color (it can be a tint or shade of that color as well) and add it to create emphasis to their painting.  

Here are some finished examples: