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Summer Enrichment Painting and Sketching Project 2

♠ Posted by ArtMuse at 3:48 PM
I had taken a painting course with some coworkers in June and we learned about the artist Lisa Kowalski.  She does abstract paintings using geometric and organic shapes.  Her work is pretty varied which is good because everyone viewing it will find something that they like about it.  I began the painting lesson by having my students use either cyan, magenta, and yellow or the traditional red, yellow, and blue primary colors to experiment with mixing on a 6x8" piece of paper.  After about 15 minutes we compared the colors and discussed how they were achieved.  After that we looked at and discussed Kowalski's work and everyone chose some facet of the work they were viewing as a jumping off point for their own composition and painting.  We made 3-5 thumbnail sketches in our sketchbooks and then the students drew out the composition they liked best and began painting using either the digital primaries or the traditional ones with white and black.  Here are a few samples.  The whole project took about 4 1-hour sessions.

Lisa Kowalki's Website and works I showed the kids:


Here are some student's paintings: