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1st grade woven sailboats

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I ended the year in first grade by having the kids do some weaving. This lesson took about 3-4 days.

The first day I had the kids do simple weaving on a 9x12" paper 'loom', which was folded in half and cut into about 8 slits. I had strips of paper from a 12x18" paper cut into 1"x 12". I did a demonstration on my visualizer and showed the kids how to alternate the under/over and over/under pattern.  I did 1 or two lines and then on the third line, made some mistakes on my 3rd line and had the kids spot the mistakes.  Then the next 2 lines I had a student come up and do it.  This first day of practice was really helpful for when we created our sail looms.

On day 2 I cut a 12'x12" square and had them cut int in half diagonally. to create the sail.  We reviewed warm and cool colors and they chose one color group for the sail and one color group for an extra sheet of paper to paint the other color group (which I would later cut into 1" strips).

On day 3 I filled 3 spray bottles with yellow, magenta, and cyan paint and while the kids started weaving their sails I had them spray paint a background on white paper using the 3 colors as a sort of center. the background paper size was 22" x 16" 

For the fourth session students used paint scrapers to create the water on their background and then finished weaving

The 5th and last day was spent collaging the boat using fancy scrap papers.

These came out great and it really kept the kids engaged. 

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