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Singing Fingers an Art, Music, ELA and Technology Collaboration

♠ Posted by ArtMuse in at 7:06 PM
What started out as a conversation with my music teacher co-worker ended up as a great collaborative lesson involving music, art, ela, and technology!

It all started out with the art singing fingers.  This is a great app where you use your fingers and your voice to drag colors across your tablet and based on the notes (octave?-I have no idea of the correct terminology!) you sing, the color changes as you drag your finger!  It's the cutest app ever!

So then our schools tech expert took 'screen shots' of the kids work (I guess off of the ipads camera roll) and printed out a class set for me.  I then had the kids work on 18"x24" white paper.  I used a half circle stencil from the main office and press printed a whole slew of tissue papers in various colors and had the kids recreate their digital work from an 8 1/2 x 11" printout into an actual artwork.  As a finishing touch I had them sponge paint 2 different colors around their collage.   I trimmed some of them down if there was empty white space.
Lastly their classroom teacher had each child write about either their experience using the app in music class or their experience recreating the artwork in my class.  She hung them up in her classroom for our annual 'Spring Walkthrough' which is like our schools Spring open-house evening.  Later this month our tech teacher will be posting an article and some accompnaying pictures in the schools newsletter of this great project.

I love collaborating!!!