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2nd Grade Wayne Thiebaud Unit Part 2-2D Mile High Value Ice Cream Cones

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The second project based on Wayne Thiebaud was created by giving the kids a white piece of 12 x 24" paper and showing them a few options for how to draw an ice cream scoop. I use the drawing portion as an opportunity for some differentiation by showing the children some options that included a simple half circle shape all the way to a more complicated melt,y drippy type of ice cream scoop. The differentiation was really helpful as my second graders are really diverse group.
After they drew their scoops we discussed value and I showed them how to create tints and shades by using black, white, and color of their choosing. The second whole period of art was used to paint the scoops.
 During the third day, I gave out a large piece of white paper for the background. The students were told to divide the paper at least three times and fill in the three shapes with at least three different designs in oil pastel. While this was happening I set up a center in the back of the room where students used cardboard and metallic paints to print patterns on brown paper which would later become their cones. On the fourth day of the project, the students cut and assembled all their pieces onto their background and filled any large empty white spaces leftover on their background. On the last day, the students used watercolor paints over the oil pastels to complete the work