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100 Followers and counting...Yay!

♠ Posted by ArtMuse at 2:53 PM

 To celebrate my reaching one hundred followers I've decided to list 100 popular artists that are taught in elementary art.   Here they are in no particular order: 

Antoni Gaudi                      
Keith Haring                      
 Henri Matisse                   
 Andy Goldsworthy                         
 Gustav Klimt
Laurel Birch                                          
 Pablo Picasso                      
Franz Mark    
Christo & Jean Claude                                    
Amadeo Modigliani    
 Wayne Thiebaud    
 Romare Bearden                               
 Jeff Koons                            
Wassily Kandinsky                          Grant Wood
Thomas Cole                                                    
 Jackson Pollock                 
 Milton Avery                                      
Jasper Johns                                             
 Joan Miro    
Rene Magritte                                   
Mary Cassatt                                          
Jean Debuffet  
Edgar Degas
Edvard Munch
Eduard Manet
Henri de Toulouse Lauturec
James Rizzi
Berthe Morisot   
Diego Rivera                                                 
 Auguste Rodin                  
 Rembrandt Von Rijn                       
Louis Comfort Tiffany    
Rosina Watchmeister
Charles Demuth
Leo Sewell
Wolfe Kahn
Kimmy Cantrell
George Rodrique

Dr. Seuss
Alberto Giacometti
Henry Moore
Frank Gehry
Chuck Close
Takashi Murakami
Lois Malliou Jones
Romare Bearden
Carly Hardy
Charley Harper     

Jon Scieszka
Karla Gerard
T.R. Makc
Grandma Moses                 
 Franz Marc                           
Georges Braque                                                
Victor Vasarely
Yayoi Kusama                                    
Robert Rauschenburg   
 I.M. Pei (architect)                          

 Keith Haring
Gustav Klimt
George Braque
Katsushika Hokusai
Andy Warhol
Roy Lichtenstein
Dale Chihuly
Aaron Douglas
Faith Ringgold
Piet Mondrian

Henri Rousseau
Audrey flack
Frank Stella
Salvador Dalu
Paul Cezanne
Jasper Johns
Vincent van Gogh
Do Ho Su
Louise Nevelson
Romero Britto

Peter Max        
Yayoi Kusama
Fred Babb
Rube Goldberg
Giuseppe Arcimboldo  
Robert Delaunay
Georgia O'Keeffe
Jacob Lawrence
Janet Fish
Natasha Westcoat

Georges Seurat
Andre Derain
Leonardo Da Vinci
Kara Walker
Judy Chicago
David Wiesner
Josef Albers
Diego Rivera  
Claude Monet      

Do you have any other artists you particularly like to teach in your classroom?  If so post them below! 



Great list! How about Louise Nevelson? And was Magritte on the list?

I forgot to say congrats on reaching 100 in my prior comment, so I'm saying it now. Congrats!

Oh, how about Eric Carle?

I did put Magritte but forgot Nevelson and how could I forget Eric Carle! I did put Yayoi Kusama on the list twice though so with the 2 additions I'm up to 101. (Coincidentally I now have 101 followers, lol.)