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1st grade Starry Nights

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 I created this lesson on the fly, class by class deciding the change things up a little as I went.  Overall the lesson was focused on line, texture, and shape.  I had a few classes create the background (sky) on black paper with chalk pastels and glitter and then I changed it up and had the remaining classes work on white paper with oil pastels and water color resit.  I like the white paper resist better you see the variety of lines better and the is more vibrant than the chalks.  Under the sky, I  took a period and had students use bubble wrap and paint scrapers to create various textures in the same blues, greens, and purples.  The following period the kids used that paper to create different buildings.  For last details students used neon paint over the top half to create different kinds of lines and then markers to add details like windows, roofs, sidewalks, and trees to their buildings.