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1st grade pumpkin patches revisited

♠ Posted by ArtMuse in at 10:02 AM

I had done this lesson a year or two ago and really liked the results.  The only part of the lesson that I was "iffy" on was the background.  Initially, when I first taught the lesson I had the children draw everything in pencil then fill it in with chalk pastel and finally, trace over their drawings with white oil pastel.  (See the original lesson HeRe) The problem was that when they got to filling in the background, which was a fairly large area of the paper, with the chalks it would smudge all over the pumpkins.  Even my really neat students would get a certain degree of smudging, and many times, it would cover some of the beautiful shading they had learned for the pumpkins. 

This year, when I taught the lesson I decided to do only the pumpkins in chalk and the rest in oils.  The results were a much more varied, interesting, detailed, and neater batch of artworks.  I liked the lesson the first time, but I loved the lesson this time.  Even the kids with less fine motor coordination were able to come out with great results. 

Some of the vocabulary we covered was foreground, middleground, background, value (shading light to dark, or in this case light yellow to red), and perspective, specifically, the way objects appear smaller, less detailed, and duller as they recede into the back of the picture.