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1st grade clay hands

♠ Posted by ArtMuse in at 5:53 PM
I tied out making these hand-bowls with my first graders. My only complaint was that sometimes the edges got a little jagged on the hands, after glazing, this was mostly remedied, but if you try this lesson make sure to reinforce that after tracing the hand templates, they smooth out the edges before lifting it into the bowl.  I didn't have the kids trace their actual hands because they are too little and their bowls would be too tiny! I trace my hand and cut out about 15 oaktag templates.  Also when glazing make sure to tell the kiddies to glaze everything, no white spaces, otherwise the hands won't be as bright and vivid.  Overall they came out cute, I plan on posting more pictures as soon as my kiln is up and running again (the touch pad shorted out!)