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Dale Chihuly "glass" compositions

♠ Posted by ArtMuse in at 3:18 PM

These "glass" compositions were the first part to the macchia that second graders did based on the artwork of Dale Chihuly.  


For these I used cellophane sheets in red, yellow, and blue on clear 9x12" acetate sheets.  The only problem was that the cellophane doesn't stick to the acetate and so after the kids created their compositions all the pieces started falling off!!  As a result, I had to sandwich the cellophane in between to sheets of acetate and staple the edges like mad.  Lastly, the kids decorated white frames I ordered in packs of a dozen from Sax and I hung them where the light would hit them.  I had also done a bulletin board with them but it just isn't the same on white paper backing.  


An idea for you: clear contact paper!