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3rd Grade Hexagon Color Wheels

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These color wheels are about 17".  I was really worried the kids would have a hard time repeating their designs but they did a pretty great job with it.  Each student got a paper triangle and a matching carbon paper triangle.  I showed them how to take an 18" paper and fold it horizontally and vertically to find the center.  After that I showed them how to start tracing their paper triangle by centering the point on the center crease and rotating.  To create the design they need to draw 3 large simple shapes and 2-3 lines from edge to edge (no floating lines).  They then used the carbon paper to trace the design.  To color the "wheel" we discussed value and they used crayons and watercolor paints filling in their designs with light, medium, and dark values of the colors.  Here are a few finished examples: