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Calder Stabiles in 1st Grade

♠ Posted by ArtMuse in at 6:06 PM

I began this unit what feels like eons ago. Between February break and the 4 snow days and 1 delayed opening we've had this project seems endless.  Although still in-progress, I thought I'd share some examples of what my first graders have been doing.  The unit is breaking down like this:
Day 1- View a Calder stabile, discuss sculpture and balance in art and let the students "explore" the wood pieces to create balance in a sculpture. 
Day 2- View a Calder stabile and discuss, review balance and show the children how to use wood glue and brushes to glue their sculpture onto a 6x9" cardboard base.
Day 3- View a Calder stabile, discuss, and demo how to change colors when painting so as not to mix the primary colors.  Encourage the kids to paint the WHOLE sculpture and to be detectives so as not to forget/skip any unpainted wood spaces.
Day 4-View a Calder painting and compare it to a Calder sculpture. Demo how to draw from observation and give students a 14x16" piece of white paper and a pencil.  Show them how to draw their sculpture TO FILL THE PAPER and when done drawing, trace over with black paint
Day 5- Demo how to hold the brush, switch colors (review it) and have the kids paint their drawings from observing their sculptures.
Day 6- Unifinished/absent students finish up.  Read the book "Sandy's Circus"

So, as you can see from the pictures, we're not up to the painting portion of the unit just yet, as soon as we get there I'll post some more images.