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3rd Grade Aboriginal Art

♠ Posted by ArtMuse in at 8:41 AM
I'm not sure why I never thought of this, but pencil erasers make GREAT "dot painting" tools. Here area a few from my leave replacements lesson:The kids really got into making the dots.  I had to stop the lesson and let them know it's o.k. for them to leave some brown paper around their animal, otherwise we'd still be doing this lesson from September!


did you happen to read a good literacy text that connects with this or a slideshow to show aboriginal art first? Love to hear how you connected the culture. :)

Hi Carissa,
My leave replacement happened to teach this lesson when I was out on maternity, so I don't know if she used a PowerPoint or book to introduce the lesson. However, in the past whenever I've taught aboriginal art I've always shown a PowerPoint that had facts about the culture and the meanings behind the dot paintings. Here's a post on a project I did with second-grade where I put in a couple of key points from some of the concepts I taught them. Hope that helps, and thanks for posting and checking out my blog!