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In the spirit of ninja turtles

♠ Posted by ArtMuse in at 10:55 AM

 Yesterday I saw the new teenage mutant ninja turtle movie (yes, yes, I'm a kid trapped in a 34 year old's body), and while watching I couldn't help but get a little nostalgic.  To think that over 20 years later the kids in MY classes would be wearing the same ninja turtle t-shirts and carrying the same ninja turtle backpacks and lunchboxes that my brother and I did as kids.  Actually, now that I'm thinking about it, my brother and I used to use the tin and then plastic, lunch "boxes" and nowadays they're all fabric, but I digress.....Anywho, in the spirit of ninja turtles, I decided to post a few turtle-themed art projects.  Enjoy!

Ceramic Turtles 
From the blogs "Art Education Daily", "Chin Colle", "Oogly"

Aboriginal Style Turtle-Dot Paintings
Sources Unknown

 Black Glue and Chalk Pastel Turtles
From the blog "Princess Artypants"

Close-up Turtle with frame 
Source unknown

Foil Embossed Turtles on painted paper backgrounds
From the blog "Deep Space Sparkle"

Camouflage Turtles with chalk pastels and oil pastel outline
From the blog "Artisan des Arts"

 Line Design Turtles
From Pinterest and the blog "First Grade Schoolhouse"

Oil Pastel and Watercolor Resist Turtles (with salt)
Two images are from the blogs "Kim & Karen: 2 Soul Sisters" and "The Art Teacher's Closet"