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Musings about the importance of art and art education

Jean Francois Rouzier's Hyperreal Photography

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This photography reminds me of a cross between an M.C. Escher print and the movie Inception.

This excerpt is from, a great site for photo-enthusiasts or photography teachers. I know I've posted a few things from them before, they're a good resource.

This excerpt describes Rouzier's photography:

"Mad man constructs faux reality by assembling deceivingly realistic structures that are maze-like when observed too closely.

Surprisingly, not Inception! Jean Francois Rauzier’s Hyperphotos are photographic reconstructions of real places often created from between 600-3,400 individual photos.

A bit like Hockney, Jean photographs a single place for one to two hours. He uses a telephoto lens to collect close-up shots of his scene.

The compilation is where his vision or dream, if you will, takes over and the thousands of photos translate into Babylones, Voyages Extraordinaries, and Cités Idéales. We can take a gander at what most of these French titles mean!

Looking at a single image will have you lost in its architecture for hours! (Kind of hoping we’ll find a Leo or Juno if we stare long enough.)"

The link to Rouzier's website (it's in French)


hi artmuse! Thanks for joining my blog. This is my first time visiting here. I'm glad I found you, so much great info on your blog. (I'm such a big fan of vintage cartoons and love the NY Times drawing series.) Did you see my photo? I live in Vermont but that's the LI DUCK...I was visiting a long time friend on LI who also teaches art.