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Musings about the importance of art and art education

Art Bytes...Is it bad if I ask what exactly an 'app' is...?

♠ Posted by ArtMuse in at 5:13 PM
I always thought of myself as tech savvy, well, fairly tech savvy.  That is, until the technology committee I am a part of at school began purchased a class set of 24 ipads and suddenly all this talk of apps started.  Add to the confusion that I purchased my mother a lenovo tablet pc which uses the andriod platform instead of apple and now I'm really in over my head.  Long story short, I'm going to start my crusade to find awesome free art apps, but in the meantime a more tech savvy friend of mine sent me a list of apple art apps she swears by.  For those of you who are more up to speed than I am here's the list she gave me.  I think they are all from apple, if you have an iphone, ipad, or itouch and you try any of these out let me know what you think.   And if you have an adroid platform tablet pc and you know of any good art apps let me know that too!  I'm dying to learn more about all this!

 sketchbookexpress, by autobook



flashcardslet, by jeffrey holiday

artcapture, by collectrium

color uncovered, by exploratorium is a cool music app

stumbleupon takes you to web based info on any interest you have!


Don't feel bad. Not owning an I-anything, no iPod iPhone iPad and not data phone at all, I have yet to download any sort of app for any purpose. Heck, I've never even sent a text. Guess I'm in the dark ages.